Posted on March 25, 2016

The PNG-Australia Partnership's Incentive Fund Program has announced a new process for grant applications. The program’s Strategic Management Group (SMG) met earlier this month to discuss and approve future program activities, including announcing that – unlike previous phases – eligible organisations can now apply for funding at any time, without having to wait for an application round to open. Chair (acting) of the SMG meeting, Dame Carol Kidu, said, “This is an exciting new development for organisations wanting to apply for grant funding as they can be driven by their own organisational timetables, not by that of the program. Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis at each strategic management group meeting, with the next meeting to be held in February 2016.”

“This phase sees broader sector coverage beyond health and education [in previous phases] as it tries to positively influence development outcomes for PNG. In another program first, we are also accepting applications from the private sector,” Dame Carol Kidu said.

The SMG will meet quarterly to consider applications and choose eligible organisations to proceed through the five-stage application process. At this meeting held in Port Moresby, a series of applications were approved to proceed to the third stage of the Incentive Fund Phase Four five-stage grant process. Organisations wishing to be considered for grant funding will need to submit their applications six weeks prior to the meeting date. Click here to view the SMG Meeting dates.