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Caritas Technical Secondary School
8 June 2012
K 4,998,670
31 January 2014
Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET)



Library and classroom block nearing completion
Expected development outcomes 
  • Increased number of boarders  and Increased number of students overall
  • Improved satisfaction of students and teachers with CTSS facilities and resources
  • Improved performance of students and teachers
  • Degree of employability of graduating students 2 years after completion of facilities
  • Staff and contractors have a greater understanding of social inclusions issues
Progress  Outputs
  • Renovation of 12 teachers’ studio accommodation – 100% complete
  • New student boarding accommodation is 85% complete
  • Four new classrooms and Library facility are  - 90% complete
Overall 91% complete
Outcome indicators
Measures to establish any contribution from the Incentive Fund project to the expected development outcomes will be varied. 

  • Student numbers and achievements will be collected as part of the regular school statistics and these and ad hoc discussions will establish increases in employability.
  • Staff performance will be measured by the school management.
  • Ad hoc surveys will be conducted to provide a baseline for post completion measures of satisfaction with the school facilities and the degree of understanding of social inclusion issues on the part of staff and contractors.
Social Inclusion
  • The establishment of a student social awareness club has provided a positive gain for students. More are seeking support from their peers (student helping student) compared to school guidance/counsellor support.
  • This has resulted in less number of students being referred to disciplinary committee in the last six months.  As a result of the Incentive Fund project training the principal says “the students are more alert and outspoken on rights issues compared to students of the past years”. 
  • More parents are responding to school requests with interest, the attendance of students has improved and parental attendance has also improved.
(31 December 2013)
Actual drawdown - K4,998,670
Actual expenditure -
(K4,876,365 )
Actual expenditure of 98% against total drawdowns/funding to date

  • Caritas Secondary School has been exceptionally fortunate in securing a significant amount of volunteer labour and skills, including the assistant site manager and architect. The project has picked up momentum over the past couple of months, with additional labour being introduced.

  • Although the project will be slightly behind the agreed program, the quality of work is very good.  It is anticipated both buildings will be completed by the end of January 2014.

  • The E-Granary library system has been installed and being used by the staff, so they are competent with it and able to teach the students at the beginning of the new academic year.