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Santa Maria Secondary School
Infrastructure Upgrade Project
13 March 2012
K 4,432,320
28  February 2014



New school clinic now in use

Expected development outcomes 
  • Increased enrolment of students from Goodenough, Fergusson and Normanby Islands and Milne Bay province in grades 11 and 12
  • Increase in the number of girls enrolling for vocational and technical education
  • Increase in the number of students from Santa Maria School eligible to enrol for tertiary education
  • Improved teacher satisfaction with the teaching resources and accommodation
  • Improved student satisfaction with the education and training
  • Staff, students and contractors have a greater understanding of social inclusion issues


  • Extension of administration building , 4 room classrooms block , media & installation of VSAT/E-granary, construction of 3 duplex houses, extension of school canteen and  the ablution/Laundry block (males) are all 100% complete
  • Construction of 2 staff houses – 85% complete
  • Construction of 3 auxiliary staff houses – 70% complete
  • Extension of technical block – 100% complete
  • Extension of kitchen/store – 100% complete
  • School market – 100% complete
  • School Clinic – 100% complete
  • Transport & freight – 95% complete
  • Renovation works – 95% complete
  • Social inclusion activities are  95% complete
  • Procurement of furniture & equipment – approx. 85% complete
  • Teaching Aids and Facilities – approx. 90% complete
Overall 93% complete

Outcome indicators
  • Initial ad-hoc surveys of teacher and student satisfaction with existing resources, accommodation and teaching have been completed by the school.
  • A survey to measure understanding of social inclusion has also been completed.
  • Student statistics will be compared over time to establish any contribution to the expected development outcomes (above).
Social inclusion
  • The school recognised the relevance of social inclusion and focusses its attention towards sensitisation of academic staff to gender dimensions of teaching and learning.  This is an important first step towards change in curriculum content, methodologies and processes and the obligation of school space towards children who are under 18 years of age. 
  • Gender based violence and HIV/AIDS has been the highlight in the last three months at the school and the surrounding communities.  
(31 December 2013)
Actual drawdown -   K 4,432,320
Actual expenditure - ( K 3,596,435)
Actual expenditure of 81% against total drawdowns to date

  • Cost savings identified in the budgets have ensured value for money, especially on maintenance works and the supply and procurement of furniture and equipment.

  • There have been slight changes in the designs particularly on floor plans and use of materials in order to implement within the budget. This has proved to be an advantage to the organisation considering the amount of materials needed to implement the projects.

  • Due to savings accumulated during the implementation period the school has been able to extend the female and male student dormitories.