The Incentive Fund has now a three-stage application process that organisations must work through with the Incentive Fund office to be eligible for funding. The first step is to complete a Concept Proposal application form, which is available via download or from the Incentive Fund office. Eligible organisations can submit their Concept Proposals at any time. The Incentive Fund’s SMG meets on a quarterly basis where it reviews and decides which Concept Proposals proceed to the next stage of the process.

At each stage of the competitive grants process, both successful and unsuccessful applicants are notified of the outcome of their application. Further explanation is provided to unsuccessful applicants to review and strengthen their Concept Proposals, should they wish to re-submit.  

Stage One – Concept Proposal Assessment

Check to see if your organisation will meet Gateway screening criteria.

Members of the Incentive Fund team review Concept Proposals when they are received in terms of: 

1. Conformity to IF4 Gateway Criteria including the eligibility of organisation and activities 

2. Alignment with national development priorities and the IF4 strategic framework.

A summary recommendation is provided to the Operational Management Group (OMG) for review. IF4 subsequently prepares a recommendation for SMG, incorporating any input from OMG and further information received from the applicant and/or other stakeholders. The SMG discusses the proposal and determines whether a proposal should progress to the next stage. 

Stage Two – Organisational Assessment 

IF4 conducts Organisational Assessments (OA) with applicants. Where there is a clear outcome to the OA, IF4 informs the applicant if they will be invited to progress to the next stage.

In exceptional cases where IF4 determines that the OA has identified issues requiring strategic deliberation, these are placed on the OMG agenda as appropriate.

Stage Three – Detailed Proposal

Applicants develop a Detailed Proposal (DP). IF4 assign a project manager to support and guide the process. After a DP is received, IF4 assesses the proposal and prepares an initial recommendation for OMG review and subsequently for SMG consideration.

The SMG discuss the proposal and determines if the organization is to be awarded a grant or not. DFAT and DNPM jointly provide the final approval for funding. Organisations that pass the OA stage may be invited by the SMG to prepare a Detailed Proposal (DP).

The DPs are expected to be submitted within three months of being invited to submit, whereupon it will be considered at the next scheduled SMG meeting. The DP must ensure implementation plans, detailed budgets, design drawings for infrastructure activities, project management arrangements and how it intends to implement, monitor and measure its project contributions towards the three end-of-program targets are clearly outlined.