Is there a form that I will need to complete when preparing my proposal?

Yes, a Concept Proposal Form will need to be completed and submitted along with other attachments as indicated. 

How can I apply for an Incentive Fund grant?

Organisations interested in applying for an Incentive Fund grant are advised to read through the Incentive Fund Information Pack for detailed information on how to apply. The Pack includes the eligibility criteria, the Concept Proposal Form, information on the three-stage grant process and a checklist to assist you in collating your Concept Proposal. You can also view our eligibility checklist online.  

Is there a brochure or pamphlet with information on how to apply for an Incentive Fund grant?

Yes, an Incentive Fund Information Pack is available containing an overview of Incentive Fund Phase 4 and grant proposal requirements. Download a copy

When will the next funding round commence?

Eligible organisations can submit a Concept Proposal at any time. Response times to submitted proposals will vary depending on when you lodge and the number of proposals being considered. The Strategic Management Group (SMG) meets quarterly to review proposals. Refer to the timetable of SMG meeting dates

Which types of organisations are eligible for funding?

A wide range of PNG organisations are eligible to apply for funding, including:

  • Provincial and local-level governments and their trading organisations
  • Statutory government authorities (such as research organisations, universities, schools and hospitals)
  • Community and faith-based organisations
  • Private sector organisations

All eligible organisations must be registered with the Investment Promotion Authority or be established by PNG legislation. National government departments are not eligible for funding.