Strategic Management Group

The Strategic Management Group (SMG) governs the Incentive Fund. Eight members make up the SMG including five prominent Papua New Guineans as well as representatives from the PNG Department of National Planning and Monitoring, the Government of Australia and Coffey International Development.

The SMG meets up to four times a year, throughout PNG, to provide strategic direction, assess and approve funding allocation and program activities. Refer to the timetable of SMG meeting dates.

Valentine Kambori (Chairman)

Dame Carol Kidu

Susil Nelson-Kongoi

Mark Mom

Operational Management Group

The Operational Management Group (OMG) consists of representatives of the Government of Australia (from the Australian High Commission PNG), and the Government of PNG (from the Department of National Planning and Monitoring), with secretariat support provided by the managing contractor (Coffey). The role of the OMG is to support the day-to-day operations of the program and ensure the SMG is provided with comprehensive information in order to make informed decisions.